Lidia Acquaviva

Thanks to a curriculum of studies and collaborations in the arts and to his innate passion for everything that is art, in 2008 gives birth to his activity as a Free-lance Artist crowned his dream of working in extreme contact with art in all its forms …. and so you can realize your dreams !
In addition to work autonomously and collaborates with many important Artists , Photographers , Design, Fashion designers, set designers , painters etc … .

Its activity is focused in addition to his works in painting but also in Personal Portrait of the author and False addition to working as Painter Body painthing for Events and photo shoots . The decoration has specialized over the years as a decorator of Trompe l’Oeil , Murals for children as well as for Airbrush body in general and rough wall surfaces . In Stage Design specializes as a performer and designer of Layouts for exhibitions and for any ceremonial event with a lot of artistic creations related to graphics for brochures, posters , invitations, place holders , menu and creations Placeholder Favors and exclusively made ​​by hand with signature guarantor which testifies to the authenticity of the artist ; also specializes as an Art Director (Design of scenic locations ) executrix of scenic elements and backdrops aimed at photo shoots , television, cinema , theater , wellness centers , amusement parks , local restaurants / pubs / clubs … swimming pools, or simply for your home and to make your gardens or even areas inside the home favorite even more spectacular and fabulous … . In the field of costume designs and executes puppets and masks foam in addition to theatrical costumes and carnival Resorts , event organization agencies , Playgrounds , photo shoots , movie theater advertising and television sets .

His lab is in full its creativity, flooded with paintings , paints, brushes , cloths , belts , sponges, pole – sterol , easels , sewing machines , resins , molds , etc. … the heart of his soul where they originate Authentic living pieces of art .