Lidia Acquaviva

Lidia Acquaviva was born in Casale Monferrato, Italy on 05/10/1982 from Puglia, who grew up in Santhià, a small town in Piedmont!
Manifested his artistic skills from an early age which led her to graduate at the Art School “Felice Casorati” in Novara, continuing his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera in Milan in the Faculty of Schenography / Costume!

At age 15, a well-known artist Santhiatese “Nerino Cavallaro” recognizes his artistic skills and decides to make her join as a member of the Artistic Santhiatese up to date, where in the following form over artistically creating works art major, has managed and taught courses as a teacher of drawing and painting techniques.

In 1999 the well-known art critic “Cav .. Mario PIstono” president of the Pro Loco of Santhià, selects and directs it to Nationals with his works at the Auditorium of St. Francis of Santhià, in his first National Show Contemporary Painting, which he organized annually since 1962 to date, the first of a long series, winning numerous Awards and the Critics’ Jury, which will mark the beginning of his exhibition the door to new horizons.

Merchandising, Technical designer of stained glass, Technical designer for Industry Design and Makeup Techniques Tailored Film. Courses they have formed artistically 36o ° bringing it to completion over his academic studies

The Faculty of Interior Design, is revealed in his exciting course of study, as it gave her the opportunity to learn and apply widely the various artistic fields, from design video / graphics for the art, painting, sculpture, modeling, photography, design special effects and costumes; these last two in particular in recent years have proven areas of extreme development in its artistic nature, thanks to the collaboration that has had as a costume with theater companies and agencies animation and entertainment, always preferring and however, the innate passion for painting.

His painting, born of love for the nuances in the painting of “Caravaggio” dall’ebrezza proven in the study of “informal” especially among the glimpses of matter of the works of “Burri” and the comic style of “Pop Art “knowledge that melt in his pictorial expression evolving and color research, outlining subjects painted backgrounds and contrasting colors and strong net .. a painting where in proseguirsi the years is greater attention and development in Human figure!
Her pose is usually to abstract subjects, not so much for the pleasure of abstraction but for his interest to show what a portrait in a subject can not be expressed: The soul and the moods portrayed in certain situations and moments that belong to our lives, our dreams, to what surrounds us … evolving! The artist Lidia Acquaviva says, “The most beautiful and what a portrait can not express.”

Critics call it Multi-talented artist as his art does not dwell on the painting but ranges as well as in Murals (Trompe L’oeil) and Airbrush, even in Painting on Body, the clothes, as well as in the objects of furniture and spectacular works where often uses various recycled materials which lead her to work in the artistic movement “SEVEART” of “Maria Teresa Illuminated” (Senior Lecturer of Ecodesign Academy of Fine Arts of Brera in Milan). Also for the jewel, a great love that led her to improve more and more in the elaboration of a variety of materials up to create custom collections, unique pieces inspired by the Orient, now exhibited in renowned boutiques.

Multifaceted artist, expresses his artistic talent in all forms of art as if it were the only way by which to draw breath, tell, tell ..

He currently works as a freelance painter / Costume / Set Designer for laboratories scenery, Photographic Studios and entertainment agencies and animation … which led to traveling and getting to know wonderful Terre, giving rise simultaneously marked Masterpieces on Canvas! Masterpieces expressly aimed at an audience of collectors and gallerists!

An ‘Artist Pristine lands lover!

The East, Latin America, La Provence France are the lands where his art has planted deep roots!