Lidia Acquaviva

Pictorial Presentation Criticism of the Works of Lydia Acquaviva by the art critic Mario Cavaglier PIstono

the Art Critic Dr. Mario Pistono is the Curator of the National Exhibition of Contemporary Painting “Santhià” at the St. Francis Auditorium from 1962 until today where it participation deserving artists selected by a jury competent.

The works of Lydia Acquaviva expressed the following criticism:

His painting and ‘characterized by mixed media, oil gradient to the spatula to the material … Create roughness to the touch that tapping away with his eyes from the canvas seems to create a work smooth soft almost as if it were carved with the color from the brush strokes that recall works by Burri for its ripples and Fountain for the patches on canvas .. but the work of Acquaviva is different and is well recognized for its malleability with which you combine these features with the only use of color, to describe his works as close to the current pop-art.! his art is almost like trying to show that life no matter how stormy if it grasps its meaning and you appreciate every single moment as a whole can take its immense beauty. They are often painted faces and details of nature and animals very often almost as if they were sleeping or present in two places at once, the body in the world and the soul elsewhere. The artist Lidia Acquaviva says .. if life can sometimes seem heartbreaking .. in our darkest moments .. just close your eyes to the rasserenarci refuge in our dreams, in an embrace in a kiss, the touch of a hand, in the eyes of a child looking through them a better world .. Just as the man and nature torn want to take refuge in his dreams and imagine a world more colorful and less gray around!

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